De Villiers Builders Prince Albert

As we sit here on our expansive Karoo verandah soaking in the tranquility of nature and the never ending views we reflect on the Karoo haven that Hendrik created for us.

In 2012 we embarked on a "long distance" building project, entrusting all the contracting and coordination of project work to Hendrik who, using local suppliers, completed our 170 SQM "flat-roofed Karoo-style cottage" in 6 months. We always felt secure with the project in Hendrik's hands as he gave us regular progress reports every Friday, often surprising us with photographs of work in progress. When we managed to visit the site it was always tidy with materials like the Poplar Beams we managed to source safely protected from the elements. Hendrik is a complete builder with the expertise to do good screed work including counter tops, bamboo ceilings, plumbing, wooden floors as well detailed plasterwork like parapets with decorative edges. Hendrik is a longstanding resident of Prince Albert with an established family tradition in the local building industry and has an appreciation for Karoo heritage and building styles - one just has to witness his builders mastering the art of plastering fine window "baantjies" to know that Hendrik has mastered the art of Karoo traditions. With his extensive local knowledge he often suggested ways of improving the finishing of spaces, like verandahs, or even painting the roof white, to maximize protection from the prevailing sun & wind.

Hendrik not only built our cottage with quality and Karoo flair but managed the project both within the budget and on time. He also never hesitated to follow up to resolve small snags often encountered months after moving in.

It was a pleasure to partner with Hendrik in our building project, he was always willing to go the extra mile to please us and deliver the professional service that has developed his reputation as one of the leading builders in Prince Albert.

We would look no further than Hendrik in recommending his building and complete project management services to anyone looking to build or renovate in Prince Albert.

Malcolm Searle, Owner

I am a member of the South African Institute of Architects and have over sixty years experience in architecture and the building industry.

During the period from year 1999 to 2013 de Villiers Bouers successfully completed approximately sixteen new houses and over twenty eight major alteration projects for which I was appointed architect. This work includes my own house completed in 2011. During that period I found de Villiers Bouers to work efficiently, cleanly, and generally within the agreed contract period, and at a fair and reasonable cost.

I have found Hendrik de Villiers to be competent, pleasant to work with, patient, and innovative. He has had the ability to bring to my attention any aspects of the work where he felt there may be discrepancies in the documentation and where he considered alternative solutions may be appropriate. Similarly he has been willing to listen and act on any criticism of his work.

In my experience de Villiers Bouers have not over-charged when making an interim claim for work that they have already carried out, nor have they sought to obtain advance payment prior to commencing work. Furthermore I have found that any charges made by de Villiers Bouers for additional work not shown in the original contract documentation to be fair and reasonable.

I can recommend de Villiers Bouers to anyone requiring building work in the Karoo.

John Whitton, Architect

During the course of the last twelve years Hendrik de Villiers and his father have undertaken considerable building projects for us in Prince Albert. This has included the partial refurbishment of two historic houses, the total refurbishment and extension of another historic house, and the construction of another 300sqm house which became our home. The scope of work on this latter property also included construction of a major circular dam, and an architect designed chicken house and workshop.

Each of these projects was completed on budget and on time, and at no time were we disappointed at the quality of Hendrik's work. Inevitably, there were times when we asked Hendrik to incorporate various changes or additions and he always accommodated these requests without protest. We had total trust in him and this was important because as "swallows" we were only in Prince Albert for about four months a year. Hence, much of these works had to be undertaken on trust and during our absence.

David & Jo Long, Owners